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Ricegrowers Association of Australia

The RGA speaks to agriculturists in the fundamental rice developing territories of New South Wales and Victoria, with home office in Leeton NSW. It included a President, Executive Director and secretariat, a Central Executive made up of agents chose from each of the region Branches, and research and arrangement centered Committees. RGA individuals are rice producers who have been cultivating for eras furthermore the individuals who have as of late joined the business. Any rice maker, their relatives, and/or Ricegrowers' Limited shareholder is qualified for participation of the RGA. RGA consist of 8 branches have eight branche, Deniliquin, Wakool, Hay and Victoria. Every branch holds a meeting at any rate twice per year, giving an opportunity to producers to discuss issues that influence them, and in addition to coordinate with their associates and RGA staff. The RGA gathering is held every year and is an open door for individuals to talk about themes presented by the Branches and Central Executive. The Ricegrowers' Association of Australia Inc. (RGA) speaks to more than 1500 willful individuals, and backings producers on issues influencing the reasonability of their business and groups.

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